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VBA Publications

VBA publications and e-newsletters are a vital source of information for members of the Virginia Bankers Association. To find out more, click on the links below. Please contact Chandler Owdom with questions. 

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Virginia Banking

Virginia Banking is the official publication of the Virginia Bankers Association, whose mission is to enhance the ability of its members to compete effectively and profitably in the marketplace. Virginia Banking is read by CEOs, presidents, directors and other senior managers. The magazine is published quarterly and is circulated to more than 10,500 recipients.

Executive Brief

The executive brief is written by VBA President & CEO, Bruce Whitehurst, and is emailed bi-weekly to more than 900 recipients. The executive brief includes information on the headline issues relevant to the banking industry, updates on committee meetings, and VBA events.


Emerging Bank Leaders Newsletter

The Emerging Bank Leaders (EBL) is a group that connects Virginia’s emerging bank leaders to engage them in the future of the banking industry. This newsletter updates EBL members on upcoming events, industry news and the latest EBL initiatives.  

For Your Benefit

For Your Benefits is a bi-weekly newsletter distributed by the VBA Benefits Corporation, providing tips, articles and information on wellness and the benefits plans the Corporation offers VBA members.


Legislative Bulletin

This bulletin is a weekly communication during the General Assembly Session sent to members to keep them updated on all pending legislation that would impact banking.

Regulatory Bulletin

This bulletin is distributed monthly and identifies recent regulatory proposals by federal government agencies that impact the banking industry.


Salary Survey

This annual survey is a valuable management tool used by the vast majority of Virginia banks to help set compensation levels. Data on 70 job positions is presented in three categories: state-wide, region, and asset group. The Employee Benefits and Director Compensation sections cover incentive pay, vacation/sick leave, and medical benefits. Participation and purchase of survey results are limited to VBA member banks only. Click below for the order form or contact Amy Binns at the VBA with questions (804) 819-4726.

Record Retention

Banks pay the price for keeping records that should have been disposed of many years before. The nightmare and costs of unneeded litigation are topped only by the inability to find the records in a timely and efficient manner. Does your bank follow current retention guidelines set forth by the federal government? Take the guesswork out of storing customer information.


Cybersecurity Newsletter

This monthly publication updates members on the latest news in cybersecurity.

The Kit: Financial Literacy Newsletter

The Kit, the VBA's financial literacy newsletter, is a monthly publication to communicate news and updates on financial literacy related topics. We will update you on upcoming financial literacy events, spotlight bankers making a difference in communities, and showcase different resources available to assist in your financial literacy efforts.