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  • TCA® A Better Way  - Why choose TCA? TCA provides VBA members with the compliance insights, analysis, information and hands-on assistance that allows you to meet the ever-changing demands of the federal banking agencies. Compliance is their sole focus—it’s all they do—period. They give you compliance experts, never entry-level employees. They offer real-world solutions to deliver the right fix the first time. They are all former bankers, so they understand your challenges. TCA will provide you with daily updates and candid conversations throughout engagements to resolve any questions you might be having. To find A Better Way to manage your bank’s compliance risk, call them at 800.934.7347 or send an email to

    Margaret Dolinger, CRCM
    Compliance Consultant | TCA
    Charlottesville, VA 
    Phone:  (800) 934-REGS (7347)

    Brenda Payne, CRCM

    Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant | TCA
    Hampton, VA
    Phone:  (800) 934-REGS (7347)

*For more information on VBA offerings, please contact Amy Binns at 804.819.4726.