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Regulatory Feedback Initiative

Your trade association, as a member of the Coalition of State Bankers Associations, participates in the Regulatory Feedback Initiative, a confidential electronic platform where bankers can anonymously provide details on their most recent examination or visitation. The information is aggregated and analyzed on a national level so we can begin to identify discrepancies in how bank regulations are being enforced. These discrepancies could exist between different bank agencies, geographic regions or examiners within the same agency. The timing of this initiative couldn’t be better considering the avalanche of new regulations that will be enforced for the first time in the coming months. Since its launch, the RFI has collected exam information from over 2,000 banks.  We are asking every bank that has not already completed a survey for their last Safety and Soundness exam and their last Compliance exam to do so, regardless of when your last exam occurred. To learn more, follow this link and click the “take the survey” tab.