solutions through unified effort

Products and Services

Management Services is a subsidiary of the Virginia Bankers Association dedicated to bringing products and services to member banks that provide new income opportunities, offer cost savings, help banks stay in compliance and help train bank employees. A board of directors comprised of bank executives from across the state determines the activities of this corporation and provides continuous oversight to ensure quality programs. While Management Services has reviewed and recommends these providers to member banks, bankers are encouraged to and should perform their own review to determine whether the products and services are appropriate for their institution.


Endorsed Providers

Endorsed Providers are organizations serving the banking industry that have been approved by the VBA as companies with which member banks should do business.

VBA Partner Organizations

The VBA has partnerships with a bank-owned insurance agency and several bank-owned title insurance agencies to bring more value-added services to VBA member banks and their customers.


Compliance Alliance

Compliance Alliance is an exciting and innovative tool that represents the unified efforts of state bankers associations across the United States to provide critical compliance services to the banking industry. Compliance Alliance was formed with the belief that by working together each state banking association can more effectively reach its common goal of improving the competitive position of its member banks by helping ease the compliance and regulatory burden banks face. The Alliance understands the demands on your time and wants to provide your bank with the security of knowing everything you need for your bank to comply is readily available and easily accessible with a Compliance Alliance membership.

Record Retention

Banks pay the price for keeping records that should have been disposed of many years before. The nightmare and costs of unneeded litigation are topped only by the inability to find the records in a timely and efficient manner. Does your bank follow current retention guidelines set forth by the federal government? Take the guesswork out of storing customer information.


Salary Survey

This annual survey is a valuable management tool used by the vast majority of Virginia banks to help set compensation levels. Data on 70 job positions is presented in three categories: state-wide, region, and asset group. The Employee Benefits and Director Compensation sections cover incentive pay, vacation/sick leave, and medical benefits. Participation and purchase of survey results are limited to VBA member banks only. Click below for the order form or contact Amy Binns at the VBA with questions (804) 819-4726.