solutions through unified effort

Engage in government relations

The objective of the VBA’s Government Relations Program is to carry forward a unified and effective message to state and federal lawmakers and regulators on legislative and regulatory initiatives that may impact the franchise value of member banks. Positions on issues are decided and refined as circumstances dictate.



Success on the legislative front largely depends on the efforts of VBA member bankers. Each year, thousands of Virginia Bankers participate in the VBA's grassroots efforts from Legislative Meetings and Banker Day to the ABA/VBA Government Relations Summit and VBA BankPAC. But there is always more to be done.

Government Relations Events

The VBA holds events throughout the year to connect bankers with their legislators.


Who is My Elected Official?

It’s important to stay engaged with the elected officials who represent you. Do you have a relationship with yours? Find their information and contact them today.


Public policy is determined through the political process. BankPAC is your voice through that process.