solutions through unified effort


  • Protect your organization, account holders, and employees with the VBA Identity Theft Program. VBA has partnered with industry leader NXG Strategies to offer leading-edge programs designed to increase identity security in your organization. NXG programs through VBA can provide end-to-end solutions to address the ever-increasing risks associated with data breach and identity theft while improving your customer acquisition, retention, and even improving your bottom line. 

    Program features can include:

    • Pre-Breach Planning and Employee Education
    • Anytime Identity Protection for Employees
    • Fully Managed Identity Theft Research, Remediation and Recovery for all named account holders and their family members
    • Identity Theft Detection and Recovery Services - credit monitoring, dark web monitoring, expense reimbursement insurance, and more
    • Support from NXG Strategies - including education, marketing assistance, training and personalized implementation support
    • Additional optional Mobile Device Protection

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*For more information on VBA offerings, please contact Amy Binns at 804.819.4726.