solutions through unified effort

  • Not just a compliance solution, Compliance Alliance is a regulatory bank compliance advisory that
    works in partnership with your institution. Comprehensive and all-inclusive, C/A mitigates your
    organizational consumer and federal compliance risk while lifting the burden of your day-to-day
    regulatory compliance efforts.

    How do they do this?

    Start Consolidating Bank Compliance Costs
    Multiple providers for offsite bank compliance training, regulatory compliance webinars, in-house audit
    prep, offline document reviews, risk-assessment software, travel to accredited compliance programs—it
    all adds up. Managing the costs, schedules, and readiness of every employee and bank function has a
    cost too. Start addressing your requirements and consolidating your costs.

    Download and Edit Bank Compliance Policies and Procedures
    Compliance Alliance’s responsive tool creation system, and vast banking compliance library of tools
    and products moves with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Sorted by Departmental Bank
    Function and Bank Compliance Tool Types, their system is easy to use and available 24 hours a day
    from anywhere.

    Deliver Online Bank Compliance Training to Everyone
    C/A complements the OBL’s suite of compliance offerings; both the successful Community Bankers for
    Compliance program and the Compliance Coach online learning platform. They do so by granting
    unlimited access to every summary, training tool and toolkit—from webinars and refresher videos to
    monthly magazines and weekly newsletters—to every employee without reservation.

    Get Your Bank Exam-Ready with Monitoring and Reporting Tools
    Members access 100s of products designed for monitoring and reporting; from checklists, worksheets
    and procedures, to templates, policies and schedules—covering every area and banking function of the

    Send Your Bank Document for Compliance Review
    Highlighting discrepancies, while providing recommendations, and best practices for all your advertising
    and marketing, policies, procedures, disclosures and new products, their experienced attorneys and
    compliance specialists review your documents for compliance with federal regulations as part of their
    two-stage system.

    Your Guide Through a Changing Federal Regulatory Environment
    C/A’s Hotline Service—by chat, email, or phone—is the workhorse of the system, putting your staff
    directly in touch with attorneys and compliance specialist who are there to ensure your daily efforts are
    aligned with federal regulations. They constantly update your regulatory calendar, provide federal
    regulatory guidance quick links, and send a Daily News email that delivers important topics and
    updates, so you keep focused on what you need to do.

    Bank Compliance Experts are Standing By!
    Call (888) 353-3933 to speak with knowledgeable experts who are standing by to discuss your unique
    bank compliance challenges, explain their complete array of services or schedule you and your team for
    one of C/A’s weekly live demos.

    Questions? Contact Matt Bruning.

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*For more information on VBA offerings, please contact Amy Binns at 804.819.4726.